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Cheer Coordinator:
Cheri Griffiths – cgriffiths88@gmail.com

Conestoga Generals cheerleading squad is a member of the Bux-Mont Youth Cheerleading League for girls between the ages of 5-14. The Bux-Mont Youth League exists to promote and sponsor a Pop Warner youth program of competitive age cheerleading combined with the teaching, training and supervision of the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, scholarship and development of good character.

The Bux-Mont league organizes the following league activities:

  • Practice beginning August 4th for the competitive team.
  • Practice beginning August 11th for the noncompetitive teams
  • League scheduled season beginning early September and ending mid -November
  • Cheerleading Competitions.
  • Scholar Athlete Program that recognizes scholastic achievement.
  • Coaches Certification/ Criminal Background Checks.
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness Program.

Although registration was delayed a little this year – We will still be offering our “Early Bird” special in March and will be closing our overall registration no later than on June 1st, 2015

This year the girls will be receiving a warm up jacket to be worn over their uniforms on chilly days. We are very excited to be do this for the 2015 season. However we will need to enforce the cutoff date of May 30th for personalized warm up jackets. If you would like to have your daughter’s name on her warm up jacket, you must register them prior to 11:59 PM on Saturday May 30th or earlier if the squads reach their limits earlier.   Any registrations received after 11:59 PM on Saturday May 30th will be ordered without the cheerleaders name with no exceptions.

According to league regulations – without completed paperwork, report cards and full registrations, players are not able to begin practicing in August and may be removed from the team if too many practices are missed.

General Cheer Information:

We anticipate that we will have three teams for 2015. The cheerleaders are placed on the team based on their age as of 7/31/2015 in accordance with National Pop Warner guidelines.


Non Competitive
2 nights a week and a Friday Night, Saturday or Sunday Game,
3 nights per week and a Friday Night, Saturday or Sunday Game.

As soon as all of the last registration information is finalized, we will send out a summary of team placements for each cheerleader. Additional Practices may be required as we get closer to Fun Day or if we place for the next level of competitions.

Football Season – All Squads cheer each weekend with the exception of Fun Day weekend.

  • Runs Late August – November
  • Games are scheduled Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If the Football team is playing the squads are expected to stay and cheer. Rain or Snow
  • Schedules are not posted until later in August – The Generals Game should take president over any secondary sports. As when a cheerleader is not present it disrupts, stunts, formations and cheering.

Cheer FUN DAY/ Competitions

Buxmont also hosts an annual cheerleading competition and Fun Day for all of its teams. It is usually held the first or second Sunday of October. When the official date is announced we will let everyone know. Please save these two dates on your calendar as all registered cheerleader are expected to attend and the exact time of their routine is not communicated until late in the week prior to the competition.

  • October – Fun Day/ Competition (TBD) all registered cheerleaders (non-competitive and competitive) must attend this event.
  • November/December for competitive cheer squads–
  • December 5th-December 12th-(Sat to Sat) The 2015 Pop Warner National Cheer & Dance Championships at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.
  • It is a requirement of the league that all rostered cheerleaders participate in competitions.  These Competitions will require traveling and additional expenses to our families.
  • If the team qualifies for Regionals/Nationals, additional travel expenses will be required
  • In the event a cheerleading squad advances to a higher level of competition, they will travel and stay as a team at the entire event.
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Practice Information

The Pop Warner Season begins in August.

It is the expectation of all squads that they too begin practicing in August.

Practice Season Begins in August – (T-Garden)

  • Competitive Team – Practice beginning the week of August 4th 6-7:30
  • Cheer Camp available the week of August 24th – 28th at John Pancott Gymnastic Center from 9:00- 1:00.


From August until mid-September, practices are held outside at the T-Garden practice fields.

During mid-September, practice will move inside to one of the elementary schools. Locations, Days and Times are TBD in late August based on the availability of the school

Please keep in mind that dates and times are subject to change due to school location availability. If you choose to allow your child to participate in another activity your child is expected to be at all of the Generals scheduled practices, games and events.

Please remember that girls are practicing for a national competition. Missing practice negatively impacts all the girls on the team. If a cheerleader should miss more than 2 practices the coach can request they be removed from competing.

Practice Rules:

*Parents should check with coach to stay informed and up to date on all issues.

*Athletic sneakers MUST be worn to all practices. Sneakers MUST be tied. Without the correct sneakers; your child will NOT be allowed to practice. NO elevated sneakers, or slip on shoes are permitted.

*NO spaghetti strap, belly shirts, ‘short’ shorts, jeans or jean shorts are permitted.

*NO pantyhose are to be worn at any time.

*NO NEW EAR PIERCING AS OF JUNE 1st. – either Ear or Body piercing – Girls will need to remove all jewelry items prior to all practices, games and competitions.

*NO jewelry, glitter products, or nail polish are permitted during games or events.

*WATER BOTTLES should be brought to practice with WATER or GATORADE.

*NO soda or juices (due to bees).

*Hair needs to be up and off shoulders.

*It is the parent/guardians responsibility to arrange transportation to and from practices on a timely manner.

*Every effort should be made for cheerleaders to arrive on time.

*Cheerleaders arriving late will still be required to do their full warm-up.

*Parent/Guardian should arrive for pick-up at least 10-15 minutes prior to the end of practice.

* August is a learning month, if you miss any time in August, you will be behind in the cheer routines. It will be your responsibility to learn what you missed on your own time.


* Respectable behavior is expected at all times. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Anyone found using foul language will be dismissed immediately.

* All cheerleaders will stay with their Coaches or certified Team Mom during practices, games, and game half-times.

*If your child is asthmatic, a second inhaler is requested to be kept by the coach in case the child forgets to bring it to practice or games.

* If your child is allergic to bees, you must alert her coach.

* Every parent must come to their child’s practice area to get their child at the end of practice. The children will not be permitted to leave until the coach has acknowledged the parent or the person they’ve been told will be picking them up. Please inform your coach if someone other than you will be picking your child up from practice.


*A cheerleader cannot be over 14 years old as of July 31st. A flag cheerleader must be 5 years old by July 31st.

* Cheerleaders can be removed from the squad (WITH NO REFUND) for any of the following reasons:

  • A cheerleader tells Coaches that she does not want to cheer.
  • A cheerleader attempts to intimidate fellow participants at practice by word and/or physical deed.
  • A cheerleader is an extreme discipline problem.
  • More than 2 unexcused absences once school is in session.


NO other activity should conflict with the Conestoga Generals Program. If it interferes with a Generals scheduled practice or game; you will be expected to be present at the Generals event. It is not fair to the Coaches and girls who commit their time to this program for other events to disrupt the cheer stunts and routines.

*Cheerleaders should arrive at the games one half hour prior to a game and stay until the game is over.

*Parents must be present to the game by the end of the 3rd quarter.

*Cheerleaders cheer rain, snow, and cold weather conditions. If the football players play, cheerleaders cheer.

*Cheerleaders are expected to cheer at all make-up and altered game scheduled times.

*Cheerleaders should come prepared to the games with complete uniform available.

*For inclement weather, sweatpants may be worn along with sweaters, gloves, hats and, if needed, jackets.

*No jewelry, glitter, or nail polish. These items are not to be worn during games, competition or Fun Day.

*Waters bottles should be brought to the games. Water and Gatorade ONLY!

*Cheerleaders are to stay with the team the ENTIRE game. – Parents are asked to refrain from sitting with the girls or having them sit with family members during breaks etc.


*Uniforms are the property of the Conestoga Generals. Each family is required to submit 2 checks

  • A uniform deposit of $250.00
  • A pom pom deposit of $50.00
  • These deposits are to cover the cost of replacing the uniform or pom poms if they are lost or damaged. IF the uniforms/pom poms are returned in good condition the checks will be returned to you at the end of the season.

*Care instructions sheets will be given when uniforms are distributed and should be followed explicitly.

*Uniforms are to be worn ONLY for Official Conestoga Generals or Bux-Mont sponsored events (football games, competitions, Fun Day, school directed spirit days and pictures). Uniforms are NOT to be worn as Halloween costumes.

*At the end of the season every cheerleader is responsible for returning their cleaned uniform at their designated time. TBA

In order to maintain and accurate inventory of our uniforms your cooperation in this matter is needed.


Cheerleaders are asked to purchase the following items to maintain a uniform look as a squad. This is at the parents/legal guardians’ expense, and will be added onto the initial registration form and fee.

Approximate prices

  • ¨ Sneakers   $30.00
  • ¨ Body top/body suit $15.00 ( non-competitive team)
  • ¨ Bloomers $15.00
  • ¨ Hair Accessory $15.00
  • ¨ Socks $5.00
  • ¨ Rain gear – $10.00

All items will be ordered through the Generals Merchandising parent


All parents are required to help with an activity to help support the Conestoga Generals Program. Should you “opt out” volunteering there is a $25.00 per family non-volunteer fee.

Some volunteer opportunities

  • Coach
  • Coach
  • Team Parent – help with the practices, games and other efforts to support the squad.
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Merchandising Committee
  • Cheer registration events
  • Cheer Paperwork coordinator
  • Scholastic Coordinator
  • Uniform Coordinator
  • Parent Social Committee
  • School and Game Scheduler
  • Director Positions on the Board

All parents are asked to rotate and to provide a half-time snack or end of game snack during the season for the flag and non-comp levels. We do not provide end of the game snacks for the opposing team.

Please take a moment to review the  FAQ’s to ensure you understand the commitment to the Cheer Squads.